The Happy Fatalist

As many of you know, I am happily married to MadMommaMonk  We deeply and dearly love one another and the MiniMonks.  As with all married couples, we have little quirks that can tend to irritate the other, but through God’s grace we are able to forgive and forbear one another.

But MadMommaMonk has one little quirk that is simply amusing.  She is the happiest fatalist I’ve ever known.  Now, the MadMonk has been know to be a bit of a fatalist when his favorite hockey team falls behind, but other than that, I have an optimistic confidence that God is in control and all things will work out for His glory and my ultimate good.  Worrying or fretting will accomplish nothing positive, and so I have this (irritating to many) ability to not be bothered by negative events.

MadMommaMonk is wired up a little differently.  She worries and frets and manages to contrive in her head the worst possible scenario for every situation, but manages to do so in the most cheerful manner.  Does anyone remember Happy from the Perils of Penelope Pitstop?  You, know, the member of the Ant Hill Mob who would laugh before he proclaimed, “We’re all going to die”?

So, in tribute to the one who makes me complete, I have re-written the words to “The Happy Wanderer” just for her:

I see a half-way empty glass

When others see half full

The worst will come, that’s how it works

Will always be my rule.

Val a ree, Val a rah,

Val a wha wha wha wha wha wha

Val a ree, Val a rah

The worst is coming soon.

Things will get worse, it’s sure to come

The day of doom is near

And while I’m waiting for my fate

I’ll do it with good cheer.

Val a ree, Val a rah,

Val a wha wha wha wha wha wha

Val a ree, Val a rah

The worst is coming soon.


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