Worldviews and Politics

In my last post, I lamented the syncretism that has occurred in Christian worldviews.  I will now begin a series on areas where many Christians have allowed their worldviews to become corrupted by unbiblical philosophies.

The easiest target is politics.  The American political landscape is one marked by division.  Not only is there a huge rift between the parties, but there are many rifts within the parties, some of which are larger and more divisive than the disagreements between the parties.

These factions seek to control the agenda of the party based upon what is important to that particular faction.  They want to control the spending of the taxes for the causes they deem worthy.

For some, they do desire to have the monies spent on worthwhile goals.  The eradication of abortion, the protection of a Godly definition of marriage, the upholding of the rule of law are some examples.In the early 80’s, Reagan put together a coalition of these factions in order to establish a conservative majority.  It was then that Evanjellyfish Evangelical’s became a camp in the Republican Party. 

I realize this history is much more involved, but my point is not a history lesson.  My point is this, since the early 80’s, the conservative Christian vote has belonged to the Republicans and conservative Christians, by and large, have been relying upon politics.  But as Robert Anton Wilson said, “It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without changing a single idea.”  And 20 years later, those ideas that were liberal then, are now being espoused by the “conservative” Republican Party.

And now the Evangelical wing is considered the lunatic fringe of the GOP.  It’s tolerated, but frowned upon.  And its support is taken for granted.So how do we fix this mess?  First, we repent of attempting to use the American political process to advance the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is neither political nor American. 

Instead of looking to end abortion through politics, redirect the monies we’ve been sending to politicians and deliver it to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Instead of volunteering for a campaign, use that time working for the CPC.  As an example, MadMomma takes all the coupons she receives for baby formula (we don’t use them since she nurses Bit), purchases formula and brings it to the local CPC.  No politicians, no fundraisers, no fanfare.  Just one person working for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Multiply that by all who consider themselves Evangelicals and the impact we could make would render Row V. Wade irrelevant.

We could also redirect our political contributions to the local church to be used for church plants.  If we really want to restore the rule of law, the most effective method we could use is not punishment or rehabilitation, but transformation.  A transformation that can only be accomplished through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And as for protecting marriage, we put effort into building biblical families.  The husband and father is dedicated to his role as leader and provider.  The wife and mother is a dedicated helper to her husband and nurturer to her children.  Those children are submissive and obedient to the authority of their parents.

And finally, for some serious controversy.  We vote our conscience, even if our conscience tells us not to vote.  I understand no candidate is perfect.  The argument of “even if you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil” doesn’t hold water.  As long as the candidate is human, it will always be a choice of the lesser of two evils.  And I certainly do not advocate us removing ourselves from the political process.  I see it as our duty to influence the process in a positive fashion. However, there will be times when, because it is humans we are voting for, all choices will be unpalatable. 

I just don’t buy the “vote for X because Y would be so much worse” argument.  The message I would like to deliver is “I will in no way vote for X.  When you decide to support an agenda that is appealing to me, I will vote for you.  But do not expect my vote if you consider me fringe and your agenda is in opposition to mine.”

And if Y gets elected?  God is sovereign.  Certainly Israel got some leaders they deserved and America could use a few we deserve.  And in the long run, the result could be a realization from party leaders that the Evangelical vote is not something to be taken for granted.  It may hurt us today, but in the long run, our children could benefit greatly.


2 responses to “Worldviews and Politics

  1. Wow honey, awesome post! Makes me want to storm hell with a squirt gun if you know what I mean!

  2. I’ll go get a couple of Super Soakers and join you!

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